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Početna Joomla! Creative Template Designer Functions list for Creative template Designer

Functions list for Creative template Designer

Functions list for Creative template Designer

Creative Template Designer is a powerful software that is rich in features. The easiest way to get acquainted with Creative Template Designer is to  rwatch couple of videos that explain what all this program is capable of doing.

Understanding the possibilities of Creative Deigner a template.

If you would still like to read what Creative TemplateDesigner  can do, this is list of  functionality:

• The mouse is used for all operations that will be mentioned and that is the biggest advantage of this Creative Template Designer

• You draw boxes (Divs, modul positions). No calculate, no code, just draw.

• Drawing is possible in several ways: rectangles, single-box sharing, multi-division box, single-division multiple boxes simultaneously

• You can move box or any of its parts

• You can merge several boxes

• You can split box

• You can give name for boxe (this will be the name of the modul position)

• You can assign a box to be a "component"

• Margins, padding, border, align is also determined by the mouse in real time

• Importing images (or several) that will be used for "tracing"

• There are layers (like Photoshop or GIMP), where it is possible to manipulate images

• You can change image opacity for easy make copy of design of other web site

• Images can be set as the background of the whole webpage or just a box

• Selecting the background color for the background for each box individually

• You can set up multiple images at the same position

• You can slice pictures like in Photoshop, but with this difference that here all the boxes (divs) are assigned automatically to modul position tor the Joomla CMS (Slicing PSD/JPG to JOOMLA)

• Each image can have its orientation in the box

• You can specify a part of the picture that will be a pattern that can be repeated horizontally or vertically or in both axes - gradienti slice

• There is a part of the program under the name Background Generator, in which you can make different backgrounds with easy. Backgrounds are of course automatically transferred into desired modul postions and all that is coded without any user intervention.

• CTD has a module that creates the look of the menu. There is possible to make a dropdown menu in a few clicks, assign animacion effects, shadows, etc.

• All the above CTD displays on the screen and then it all directly and without any user intervention turns into a Joomla template.

• All code passes HTML and CSS validation

• Created zip archive contains all the necessary files (index.php, templateDetails.xml, css templates, images and other files)

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